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Hong Kong King's Bath (International) Co., Ltd. is engaged in professional, high-end bathroom product development, sales of the company, its authorized manufacturer Guanglong TAIZHOU LUQIAO Bathroom Equipment Factory, King's, the two Cartelo oni brand popular with customers at home and abroad

Royal Bathroom by virtue of excellent quality, doubtful of the new style, since its establishment, always adhere to their own R & D design, production, and always keep in the production of standards for the international system, technical standards. Each timber products are in strict accordance with the national standard GB1176-87 carefully selected brass, copper high, the structure of fine, healthy environment, the production process for each product must go through strict production and testing processes, and then plating in accordance with international standards to ensure that the beautiful shiny surface, such as the new long-lasting.

To diligently pursue the highest quality products is the King has always insisted on quality and the idea to this, carefully manufacturing, excellence, towards "international bathroom brand" is the direction of development pursued by the Royal Bath goals.

Product classification
New Product 80
81 5221
5315 5321
5821 6121
6221 6521
6721 7021
7121 7614
7619A 8310
8721 8821
8921 9218
9621 9808
9809 9921
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